Kristen Ewig

Kristen Ewing grew up in sunny Vista, CA where her passion for creativity and competition was expressed by riding horses. A competitive jumper, Kristen’s dream was heading to the Olympics when her life took a turn in a new direction. In 2009, she enrolled in a local Cosmetology school, discovering a hidden passion for all things hair and hair color.

Two years later, Kristen’s practice moved to Kansas. Here she remained for the better part of two years, until returning to California in 2013 where she branched out to begin her journey as a business owner.

Now, six years later, Lumière Salon is a luxury salon that brings exceptional service and brilliant styles to their clientele. Kristen’s goal of providing a safe learning environment where stylists support

stylists, letting creativity flow and learn new techniques in balayage and hair painting.

Kristen lives in Vista with her adoring husband and a baby on the way.